Chateau Yvonne, One of the Best Kept Secrets in Wine

Chateau Yvonne SAUMUR BLANC 2016

Ever wonder what the top French winemakers toast with? Well their chalices are filled with juice like this one… Chateau Yvonne is a coveted secret of the Loire. Enchanting and intoxicating, this wine is a bottled symphony of crescendoing intrigue. Grown on beds of bare tuffeau stone, the vines of Chateau Yvonne are painstakingly biodynamicly farmed, and range from 5 to 80 years old. Uncork a bottle and let storytime begin as every sip will share the tale of Saumur.

Blushed apples, pomaceous and crisp, with crunchy bosc pears and the smoked skins of dewy green & golden orchard fruits. On the second sniff, crushed rocks spritzed with kumquat and pushed into quince; the smell of honeysuckles after a spring shower, oozing drops of honey-like nectar. The scent of this Saumur Blanc is like a drug… melting the world around me into a haze. This wine is like the love child of a great Meursault and Dry Vouvray.

Addicted already, pressed perennials preserved in white truffle oil make their presence clear, leaving a trail of crystallized salts and the salinity of a western Atlantic breeze on the palate. The finish is endless, never leaving me bare. As it begins to fade it morphs, redefining its transformation sip after sip, layer upon layer unveiling itself as the wine evolves. The wine is a chameleon, shaded and complex… the type of substance one should not live life without!


An everlasting love from the vintage of 2016

This domaine is considered one of the best in Saumur, with annual production so low that only a few hundred cases are allocated to the USA every year. Once it is gone, it is gone for good.

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