Chateau Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

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"The premise behind our flagship wine is decidedly simple: it’s unapologetically Montelena. With over 40 years of experience in this dynamic and distinctive vineyard, we’ve recognized the value of blazing our own trail outside of others’ conventions and norms. It takes confidence in our land as well as our people, farming and winemaking to buck the trends and fads that perpetually morph and meander through the wine world. Most of all, we set the standard for ourselves, not relative to the rest of Napa Valley or the vintage expectations, but based on our own potential and our own drive to make this wine better every year. This is not without risk, and is certainly not the easy path to take, but it’s inherently part of who we are, our legacy and our future." -Winery notes
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