Quixote Helmet of Mambrino 2008

Quixote Helmet of Mambrino 2008

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"The 2008 Helmet of Mambrino Petite Syrah is Quixote Winery’s first Reserve wine.  Twelve barrels were selected by the winemaking team from the 2008 Quixote Petite Syrah and aged an additional year in 50% American oak and 50% French oak barrels resulting in even greater nuance, subtlety and profound complexity. 

This is the best ever of super-rich petites, German chocolate loaded with that fruit-salad mix of blueberries and dark berries mingling with black pepper and spice.  This wine is equipped with a rich, mouth-coating body, those typically silky tannins and that trademark super long finish.  This is a wine with the stucture to merit time in the cellar." -Winery notes

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