Micro Wines Shiraz 2019 Magnum

Micro Wines Shiraz 2019 Magnum

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This Shiraz is sourced from the Bannockburn Estate vineyard situated in Geelong. Grapes were hand harvested. 20% of the bunches were left whole, and the fruit was sealed in a stainless-steel tank for 6 days to allow for a semi-carbonic maceration start to the ferment. With a few rack-and-returns, foot stomps, and pump overs during fermentation to extract some color and tannin while incorporating oxygen into the ferment, the resulting young wine was bright and floral with a salty undertone of cured meats and green olives. Once settled, the wine was racked into a 7-year-old 1300L cask to be aged for 12 months on its fine lees. The wine was then racked the following year into tank to be bottled by hand. Each bottle was hand-corked with Amorim NDtech TCA-screened corks, and sealed in soft wax.

-Winemaker's notes

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