Jackalope Wine Cellars Pinot Noir Silvershot Vineyards 2016

Jackalope Wine Cellars Pinot Noir Silvershot Vineyards 2016

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"I began my journey in the wine industry pouring for a small, family-owned winery near Salem, OR. My first career was all office work, so when I found myself working in a bucolic setting, the grin didn’t fade for days.

When Fall hit I joined a harvest crew. Harvest work is hard, wet, with long-hours, but ultimately satisfying work. Camaraderie is formed through the suffering, and there is always something new to learn. The first team lunch I had began my love affair with the industry, and wine: a tired, wet, exhausted crew sharing a large meal and a glass, taking a break from the work to regroup and prepare for the afternoon’s tasks. This showed me: the wine industry is about community, and a love of the work, something I’d not experienced before.

For me, the chance to create something, to have an end product I could hold in my hand and share led me to wanting to make my own wine. Further, wine is a social beverage. A wine bottle contains memories, experiences, and love. I want to create this.

Why Jackalope Wine Cellars? The jackalope has been a sort of totem for me for a long time. As a kid, my older cousin would write and send postcards from Nebraska, telling me all about the animal, swearing they were real. These memories formed a bond early, which gave me fond memories to treasure, as he passed away when I was in 8th grade.

Fast forward to 2004: unsatisfied with my life as a civil engineer, I decided to make a drastic change and quit my job, sell my valuables, and travel. My gift to myself to start this journey was a jackalope tattoo on my right shoulder to join me on my adventures.

And now, another turning point in my life: winemaker. The jackalope has become a special form of support for me and I want him featured prominently in this adventure. Thus, Jackalope Wine Cellars.

Thank you for joining me on this journey." -Winemakers notes
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