The Eyrie Vineyards Trousseau 2019

The Eyrie Vineyards Trousseau 2019

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"Sustainability” wasn’t part of the wine industry vernacular back in 1965. Our founders David and Diana just felt it was the right approach to business and farming. Since the planting of the first vine, Eyrie has farmed deep. Our vineyards have never used herbicides, pesticides, tillage or irrigation. We take organic certification as merely the first step, and then we build on it. 

Trousseau is an ancient variety, originating in France’s Jura region and centered in the
hillside village of Montingy-les-Arsures. In 2012, inspired by these wines, Jason Lett
planted the Willamette Valley’s first Trousseau.
Our Trousseau is made from estate-grown, certified-organic grapes and transformed to
juice by wild yeast. We strive to make a Trousseau that’s the truest expression of the fruit.
That’s why we’ve chosen to not fine or filter this wine. Likewise, only minimal sulfur is added before bottling." -Winery notes

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