Cru Bourgeois ’15 Grand Tasting Party – Free!

On March 6th, over a dozen Cru Bourgeois chateaux will gather at Le Dû’s to celebrate their 2015 vintage! This is a walk-around tasting with the producers and reps themselves pouring one of the strongest Bordeaux vintages in years — and it’s completely free of cost!

We are very excited about Cru Bourgeois’ quality and value these days, so let’s fill up the shop and give these wonderful Bordeaux winemakers a warm Le Dû’s welcome!

If you’d like to attend, RSVP to Stay tuned to hear which chateaux will be represented at the event!


Bordeaux is the heartland of wine classification. The 1855 Classification of Bordeaux was the first major comprehensive attempt to sort wineries by their location and general quality, as it grouped Bordeaux producers of the time into 1st through 5th crus, or growths. For the most part, these chateaux have maintained their associated crus with little change.

However, the 1855 Classification still only covered a small subsection of all producers in Bordeaux. With the passage of time, the direct relationship between cru status and quality has gotten fuzzier. Indeed, many unclassified chateaux have long made products that surpass wineries with much loftier titles. The concept of Cru Bourgeois started in 1932 to recognize the excellence of some of these unclassified chateaux in the Médoc north of Bordeaux.

While it has gone through many iterations (even being being banned in 2007 before resurfacing in 2010), the current format is as such: individual wines, rather than producers, may be entered for Cru Bourgeois consideration on an annual basis, to be awarded based on the quality of their means of production and final result. There is no tiering if you are approved: either a wine is Cru Bourgeois, or it is not.

Though Cru Bourgeois wines are often given loftier praise than some of their traditional 1855-classified cousins, the price tag on them is almost always more favorable! Don’t miss this chance to try over a dozen of Bordeaux’s remarkable workmanlike wines, all in one night under the same roof, for the low low price of free dollars!