Grand Crew

March 2019

Italy’s Single Vineyard Revolution

The fascination that wine can move beyond a mere gastronomic accompaniment and communicate something, or rather somewhere, more profound is a concept that has been slow to evolve in Italian Wine. Of course regional wines to pair with regional cuisines have always existed, but the idea that a wine coming from a single plot of land was something important, let alone desirable, is a revolution in much of the country, especially outside of its most historically prestigious regions. Today, however, truly unique wines that are transcending their region and grapes are being produced in many of Italy’s most far flung and peripheral wine regions.

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This month, Le Du’s Grand Crew members are being treated to three of these wines, from the alpine peaks of the Valle d’Aosta, the rugged coastline of the Marche, and the treacherous slopes of one of the world’s most active volcanoes in Sicily. Join the Le Du’s Grand Crew to have these wines delivered straight to your door. And, if you do make the right call to join our community, don’t forget to take advantage of all of the other perks available to you!

At Le Dû’s we strive to be more than just a wine shop.  We are also a center of education and community for wine lovers across NYC and the rest of the country.  Thus, we are very excited to announce the new Le Dû’s Grand Crew which, starting from this month, will replace our traditional wine club delivery with a whole package of wine and perks for its members.

For just $100 a month, Le Dû’s Grand Crew members will receive:

  1. A set of three special wines every month, especially selected and exclusively available to Grand Crew members!  These wines will be limited, rare, and not available on our shelves. They will also be at a price much lower than standard retail.  A video will accompany each wine.
  2. A first look and a 25% discount to all of our educational and winemaker seminars.
  3. A first look and access to a VIP preview hour at all of our free Grand Tastings. These include our Fall and Spring portfolio tastings, as well as our annual Burgundy tasting, and with more planned in 2019 than ever before.
  4. If available, Grand Crew members will be able to purchase wines included in the monthly shipments by the case at a 20% case discount, as opposed to our traditional 15% discount.  
  5. As we expand our services, so will our opportunities to provide Grand Crew members with amazing values and experiences. Expect these perks to grow with no additional charge.        

For the month of March, you can join the Grand Crew and immediately receive your special selection and access to its perks at any time. As the featured wines for the Grand Crew are extremely limited, we are containing the total number of available subscriptions to 36. Only if we feel as though we can offer the same level of quality and exclusivity will we increase the Grand Crew membership.

The Le Dû’s Grand Crew has reached its capacity for this round of openings. If you’d like to be placed on the waiting list for future expansion, or for any spots that open up in the interim, please send an email to

To reserve a spot in the Le Dû’s Grand Crew, head to