Grape Moments in Wine History, Episodes 1-8

The first eight episodes of Le Du’s Wines’ series, Grape Moments in Wine History. GMIWH examines the turning points in the long history of wine that have led us to where we are today. From Ancient Rome to Medieval Burgundy to Modern Napa, Grape Moments will travel across space and time to find the most fascinating people and places in the story of wine.

  • Opimius (Campania, Roman Republic 121 BC)
  • Charlemagne (Aachen, Frankish Empire 795)
  • Richard the Lionheart (Limassol, Cyprus 1191)
  • Philippe the Bold Part 1 (Beaune, Burgundy 1395)
  • Philippe the Bold Part 2 (Beanue, Burgundy 1395)
  • Samuel Pepys (London, England 1663)
  • Simon van der Stel (Cape Town, South Africa 1685)
  • Napeoleon III (Bordeaux, France 1855)