Dolcetto by Mauro Molino, a Little Sweet One for a Beautiful Summer Day

It’s all well and good to have a summer picnic with a nice rosé, but if you’re craving a loud, proud juicy value red on ice, look no further than Dolcetto of Piedmont. Hailing from the land of the world-renowned Nebbiolos of Barolo and Barbaresco, Dolcetto, along with Barbera, are the wine grapes consumed by the locals. Fun, flirty, and approachable, Dolcetto (which means “little sweet one”, but don’t worry, they’re always bone dry) is much, much more likely to appear on a Piedmontese dinner table on any given night than some big-name Barolo.


While the fussy (and profitable) Nebbiolo vines always gets the premiere east-facing steep-sloped vineyard land, Dolcetto is usually relegated to the chillier top of the hill, or even north-facing slopes. That suits the grape just fine, as cooler temperatures help it retain its low natural acidity. What’s more, even with minimal sun exposure, Dolcetto is ready for harvest weeks before Nebbiolo, allowing a large amount of wine to already be in the pipeline before it’s time to turn attention to the more profitable grape’s harvest. The result is a joyful fruit-forward party of a wine, ready to be drunk very young in between check-ins on the progress of the more painstakingly crafted Nebbiolo. What’s more, Dolcetto responds *wonderfully* to a bit of chill, making it the ideal red wine for an afternoon outside during the dog days of summer.


So what’s the Dolcetto we’re most excited about this season? The team at Le Dû’s has tasted a whole variety over the last few months, but from the moment the cork popped on the Mauro Molino, we all erupted in smiles, pointed at the bottle, and exclaimed “now THAT’S what I want from a Dolcetto!” Ripe enough to explode with Dolcetto’s trademark fruitiness, but picked early enough to maintain mouth-watering acidity, Mauro Molino’s deft and crafty winemaking skills that permeate the estate’s Barolos are just as clear in this little sweet one. Rocking a $14.99 price tag doesn’t hurt either. Grab a bottle and an ice bucket, head to your favorite outcropping in Central Park, and rediscover what you love so much about New York in summer.

Martina Molino of Mauro Maulino, #TastingDylanStyle at Le Dû’s!

Mauro Molino Dolcetto 2017 – $14.99

Deep ruby color. Bouncy bright fruits abound on the nose: raspberry, black cherry, plum. The palate features this fruit in round, fleshy abundance, with hints of chocolate and licorice orbiting. The famous almondy finish of Dolcetto serves a signature flourish. Blossoms with a bit of a chill – consider serving at cellar temperature (55°F), especially on a hot humid day.

(UPDATE: Due to popular demand, we’ve sold out of the Molino Dolcetto 2017 already. We are planning on acquiring more, so if you want to get some put aside for you, send an email to