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Corvers Kauter Berg Roseneck Riesling 2015




“Nature is in perpetual motion”- “We see the capacity of our vines and vineyards as a continuous, flowing process, influenced from year to year by differing characteristics and properties. We at the Corvers-Kauter estate use our expertise to tend our grapes so that they can expand to their fullest potential.”

Cajoled secrets of vines grown in oestrich, winkel, mittelheim, and rüdesheim, divulge the best of nature’s offerings that emphasize sustainability and the art of crafting beautiful Riesling.

Riesling is a light skinned and aromatic grape with underrated appreciation and food compatibility. This expression is proof of the grapes magic when produced by a talented and progressive vigneron. Its maker sees the wine’s inherent food pairing potential and makes that his point of focus as he carefully cultivates and crafts his wine.

The wine leaves us with its Lime candy finish and mouth watering for more. It is clear that each vintage is signed with Matthias’ signature and that he stays guided by his passions and pushed forward by imagination.

“ My thoughts and actions are intrinsically bound to nature’s cycles…Everything I do, from pruning to harvest, leaves its imprint on the wine. Everything is reflected in the taste. It makes my work exciting every day of the year. One thing follows the next. It’s a fascinating mixture of poetry and the everyday, of intense work and delightful results, which inspire me in my work day after day.

My skills as a winegrower, my love of nature and of wine guide me through the year to ensure your satisfaction in the verve and flair of our wines.”

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