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Faiveley Mercurey 2015




Chardonnay of the Cote Chalonnaise grown on soils of clay and limestone in the vintage 2015. Crispy and Zingy the wines nose a bright orchard. Smooth and Fleshy, aromas of apricots and pears hit with the morning light. On the palate the wine is juicy alive and delicious. It has the sweet butter and crunch of cinnamon- dusted hazelnuts and a hint of flint thats trademark to this chardonnay. Flavor-full, it eminently is a chugable wine- so pop it open while its young! Stoney mineral and dried apple chunks, the body voluptuous and zested with lemon. Ripe and open the wine is intense, fragranced by peach blossoms and butterscotch drizzles. Mouthwatering and tangy on the palate it’s a loiter that lingers with the zing of a good cold margarita In its finish, and hints of salted limes.

Vines since 1960s have grown here at elevations between 230 and 320 meters. Their roots extend into red and white marly calcic subsoils of Oxfordian limestone on the East side of the vineyard, and gravel covered Jurassic rocks on the west.

Hand harvested, sorted and pressed ‘on site’ in Mercurey and softly kissed with oak. The wine is fermented in stainless steel and then aged in Nuits St. Georges.

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