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Gideon Bienstock Winemaker Seminar



On Friday February 16th 6-8pm, Le Du’s will welcome Gideon Bienstock of Clos Saron for a winemaker seminar. For over two decades, Gideon has been the defining winemaker of the North Yuba region in the extreme north of the Sierra Foothills AVA. After relocating from Paris in the early 90’s, he became the head winemaker at the Renaissance Vineyard, where he would play a crucial role in forming the signature of the embryonic region. When the vineyards were fully planted in 1983, they were the only vines for miles in any direction. But it was Gideon’s guidance that really transformed the project into something unique in California wine.

With painstaking attention to detail, Gideon led the creation of elegant, balanced, age-worthy Cabernets and Rhone varietals with no corners cut or simple chemical solutions to problems. That work has paid off in spades, as twenty years later the wines continue to mature and develop gracefully at an age when many California wines are on the downslope.

Gideon ultimately left Renaissance to take over a property a short ways up the hill, where geological formations created a much cooler microclimate favorable for Pinot Noirs. That current project, Clos Saron (named after his wife), has achieved the white whale of making delicate, nuanced Pinot deep in the Californian interior.

There are still seats available for the February 16th seminar with Gideon, where the following wines will be poured:

Clos Saron “Carte Blanche” 2015
Clos Saron Pinot Noir “Home Vineyard” Old Block North Yuba 2013
Clos Saron Syrah “Stone Soup Vineyard” North Yuba 2013
Taken From Granite “Renaissance Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon 1995
Taken From Granite “Renaissance Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon 1996
Taken From Granite “Renaissance Vineyard” Cabernet Sauvignon 1997

Tickets to the seminar are just $50, and in addition to the above wines will also include sparkling wine upon arrival and meats and cheeses to accompany the wines. The Taken From Granite wines are also arriving directly from the estates cellar, where they have not moved since bottling over 20 years ago!

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