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Golden Cluster Olmo Flora 2017


White – Dry



Flora was one of the first wine grapes created specifically for California’s cooler climate wine regions by the famous Horticulturist; Dr. Harold Olmo. This grape was developed in 1938 at the Agricultural Experiment Station managed by the Universtity of California – Davis and released for commercial use in 1958.

Flora is a cross between Gewurztraminer and Sémillon. It retains a bit of the “spice” of Gewuztraminer with the aromatics of Sémillon. It has a very low acid profile and produces wines that have a very smooth texture. It was a grape that was mis-used for many years by industrial wine producers who valued its low acidity.

Our Flora is the first (and only?) vines of their kind to be planted in Oregon back in 1966. One can only assume that Mr. Coury crossed paths with Dr. Olmo at UC-Davis while he was a student there in the early 1960’s. One can also assume that this plant material was collected from Dr. Olmo’s original research vineyard at UC-Davis.

This grape provides an amazingly smooth wine drinking experience. It’s got a bit of an oily texture, subtle aromatics (surprising considering its Gewurztraminer parentage), and a lemon with honey flavors.

There isn’t a lot of Flora left in the USA, so we are very proud to be making wine from some of the oldest known Flora vines in the country. We hope that you enjoy this rare piece of Oregon’s vinicultural history.

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