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Feudo Montoni Nero D’Avola Langnusa 2015



Feudo Montoni is known as the estate “on an island within an island.” Sicily is an island shaped like a triangle, with the major winemaking regions at each point. Etna in the north east, Vittoria in the south east, and Marsala in the west. Feudo Montoni, however, is located in the mountainous heart of Sicily, making singularly mineral driven wines in one of the driest parts of the island. While Feudo Montoni may be unique in its current position as a winemaking estate, however, it is a position with a great history of winemaking. Indeed, the cellars that Feudo Montoni make their wine were built in 1469, and their vineyards planted on the same land that grew those wine grapes almost 600 years ago. Feudo Montoni’s Rose is the quintessential rosato wine, showing a darker, more extracted complection than one might expect to find out of provence, yet made with such a delicate grape as to still render the wine easy and refreshing. I am not using easy synonymously with simple, however. Nerello Mascalese is the same grape that is making all of the heralded wines coming off of Mount Etna these days, and the Rose di Adele shows off all of the floral and herbal nuance that many have come to expect from the grape. The extra year of bottle age has only added depth and intensity and, more so than any others mentioned thus far, it is a wine that can easily stand up to more substantial foods. Take this wine to your first spring BBQ, or your favorite patio eatery, I promise it will be the star of the meal.

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