Alphonse Mellot Edmond Sancerre  2018

Alphonse Mellot Edmond Sancerre 2018

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"Named after Alphonse Edmond, the father of present owner of Alphonse Mellot, this is the top wine of this impressive estate. It is produced from some of the estate’s oldest vines which are around 100 years old and situated on Kimmeridgian marl and limestone soils. This cuvee is fermented and aged for 11 months in wooden vats and new demi-muid barrels before bottling. 

Tasting Notes: Pale gold yellow in colour with light green sheen – brilliant, bright and clear – a young honest appearance. A rich majestic nose. All is rich, ripe and powerful, whether it is fruity or floral. Density, depth and balanced graceful “majestic nature” are established from the outset. Honey, vanilla, lemon, brioche etc., follow each other as if in a daydream, all orchestrated through a new woody tone

Opening it makes it welcoming and tender with crisp plants revealing aniseed, menthol, liquorice and spices. A gluttonous, rich and virile nose. The effect is extensive, lively and gluttonous, ideally balanced between being highly well rounded and agreeably crisp. Smoothly rounded it gives full measure in establishing liquorice and aniseed, lime and vanilla, pepper and Muscat. The long spicy and woody finish is carved in flint." -Supplier notes

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