Antiquum Farm Juel Pinot Noir 2018

Antiquum Farm Juel Pinot Noir 2018

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The Take from Le Du's:

Lewis Kopman: "The Juel jumps out of the glass with rich black cherry, black raspberry, and juicy pomegranate. Details of aniseed, rose hips, and graphite swirl. This wine is pure hedonistic joy on the nose. On the palate the wine revels in these darker tones, gushing out onto the tongue with that black yet elevated fruit character and dark minerality. The wine really is a marvelous contrast between concentration and elegance, feeling dense yet weightless on the palate, leaving a lasting impression that still has you wanting more.

The vineyard is one of the highest elevation in all of the Willamette Valley, at about 800 feet. You need to hike up most of that in order to get there. It also records some of the highest daytime, and lowest nighttime temperatures in the valley. That contrast creates a wine with beautifully textured, dark rich fruit, yet an acidity that really lifts the wine beyond what most Willamette wines can achieve in terms of the contrast between concentration and buoyancy. The only other wine in the region that I can really compare them to stylistically is Antica Terra. I made this comment to Stephen Hagen of Antiquum when we were standing up at the top of his Pinot Noir vineyard and he made an audible chuckle. Until just a few years ago, Stephen had been supplying about half of the fruit for Antica Terra’s Botanica bottling. It seems that Maggie Harrison, winemaker at Antica Terra and Oregon winemaking royalty, had seen the potential of Stephen’s approach and terroir as well."