Arnoldo Caprai Grecante Grechetto 2018

Arnoldo Caprai Grecante Grechetto 2018

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“Minerality City!  Chalk dust and wet steel on the nose with an underpinning of cinnamon apple.  The palate is a delightful mélange of salted cantaloupe, kiwi, and granite.  This is a serious wine with oyster shell and sesame seed on the finish.  Perhaps a bit more Chablisean than Sancerre but whatever the comparison, I’m here for it!

Umbria is one of the most ancient wine regions, full stop.  There are cellars carved out the rock which date back to the Etruscans 3,000 years ago.  They are primarily known for Montefalco Sagrantino and, once upon a time, Orvieto for whites.  The key ingredient which gave Orvieto its reputation was a grape called Grechetto but as Orvieto grew popular in the 60s and 70s, they put less and less Grechetto with more and more Trebbiano.  Grechetto is a higher level grape which is more difficult to grow while Trebbiano is easy to grow but makes for inoffensive neutral whites.  Unsurprisingly, Orvieto’s fortunes fell as the wines got worse.  There are still a few people making top-level Grechetto, like Arnoldo Caprai, but Orvieto’s fallen fortunes means he can’t charge what the wine is actually worth."

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