Chartreuse Yellow VEP 1L

Chartreuse Yellow VEP 1L

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Five Stars - Spirit Journal

Extra-aged Yellow Chartreuse. The color is sunshine gold; impeccable purity. The first inhalations encounter prickly scents of bramble/vines, fennel, and licorice; extra time in the glass brings out a supple sweetness that perfectly assimilates the herbal/ brambly, saffron-like thrusts of the early-on aroma. The palate entry is sharply focused on a floral sweetness; the mid-palate profile has so many layers of botanicals that it’s hard to list them all, but they include sage, saffron, elderberry, anise, licorice, flowers, and thyme. Finishes elegantly, even stately as the sweetness of the entry becomes softer, more bittersweet, herbal, and divinely satisfying

F. Paul Pacult