Couly Dutheil Chinon Baronnie Madeleine 2002

Couly Dutheil Chinon Baronnie Madeleine 2002

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"Working in wine retail, we are often asked about what wines to age and how long one should age them. Truth be told, it depends. Chinon, for example, produces both wines that are intended to be drunk young and fresh and wines that are built to age for ten or more years. In step with the French notion of terroir, Cabernet Franc from Chinon heavily reflects the soil in which the vines are grown. The soil of Chinon can be divided into three main types: alluvial silt terraces composed of gravel and sand that sit along the banks of the Vienne River; Turonian chalk outcrops also along the banks of the Vienne; and flinty Senonian clay and tuffeau limestone on the hillsides. The sand and gravel soils on the banks of the Vienne River produce lighter, elegant wines for early drinking while the richer clay and tuffeau limestone soils of the hillsides produce a fuller-bodied wine with more structure, better for longer periods of aging."

 Morgan Laurie 

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