Domaine Jean Luc & Eic Burguet Vosne Romanee Les Rouge de Dessus 2019

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"Well before the more global movement toward sustainability and almost 20 years before Ecocert was created to certify organic agriculture, Alain insisted on organic methods. Since the start of his career, when he first began to work rented Gevrey-Chambertin vines in the 1970s, he used only ‘contact’ products, and rejuvenated the soil with composted organic matter rather than industrial fertilizer. Most importantly, and before most of his neighbors, he recognized the importance of regular plowing to generate healthier soils and vines. Jean-Luc and Eric have taken their father’s work a step farther. Viticulture is now biodynamic (though not certified), and the two have fitted the cuverie with their own copper biodynamizer.

Most of the cuvées made by the brothers are from vines that are estate-owned, though they do work rented land and since 2001 the domaine has bought grapes from trusted friends in order to offer appellations outside of Gevrey. In 2014, they seized the opportunity to purchase 2.5 hectares of land that used to belong to their grandfather. The new holdings include Bourgogne Présonniers, Genevrières and Grand Champs at the regional level, and Les Crais (blended into Symphonie) and Corvées (added to Mes Favorites) at the village level.

The majority of the domaine’s parcels are village-level and go into one of the domaine’s two Gevrey cuvées. Symphonie’s grapes are sourced from younger vines (planted in the early 1980s), the majority of which are located to the east of the Route Nationale. And Mes Favorites Vieilles Vignes is from older vines (planted from the early 1900s to the 1940s) on sloping terroirs to the west of the Route Nationale. The old vines are mostly, though not exclusively massal selection." -Supplier notes

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