Leflaive Associes Bourgogne Blanc 2018

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"At Domaine Leflaive the grape makes the wine. The precious Chardonnay grapes and the soil in which its vines are planted are tended with care and diligence. Every parcel has a unique soil structure and the terroir of each becomes its own individual expression of its origin through the wine itself. The health of the harvest determines the wine’s quality. A biodynamic approach is implemented here where the method of cultivation is based on the sensitive intelligence of natural phenomenon. Not a method of control, but rather one that favors the life of an important number of species and makes it possible to keep the vine’s enemies at a tolerable level. It is a mutual respect for both terroir and the natural environment of the vineyards.

Inside each bottle of Domaine Leflaive with its unimpressive and unassuming label exists a wine of such complexity, opulence and elegance. It is not just a Chardonnay, or a white Burgundy, but a peek inside the enormity of Leflaive’s historical contributions to the region. Each wine is a living, breathing legend that speaks of the vision, incredible foresight, and determination of Joseph Leflaive, allowing his legacy to live on." -Supplier notes
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