Domaine Nerantzi Koniaros 2013

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"Domaine Nerantzi is a new and exciting organic producer near the border of Macedonia and Thrace in northern Greece. Nerantzi Mitropoulos is an earnest, imposing and gregarious personality whose made it his life’s mission to uncover indigenous varieties lost to the world at large and bring them back to the fore. He believes in a kind of locavore approach to wine making, whether it be the use of long‐lost indigenous varieties, spontaneous yeast fermentation propagated via the native yeasts from their vineyards, or even the use of local, Balkan oak for their cooperage. Their main desire is to have their wines express what is unique to their region and share it with the world. The Mitropoulos family is steeped in agriculture—consequently when Nerantzi began his serious education in wine, his main interest lay in the cultivation of the vines and the plants themselves. Due to his love of history, country and region, Nerantzi continually visited places searching for what he calls “the little things” left from the older Gree k tradition. In 1998, during one of his expeditions, his attention was piqued by a rare plant which a few of the local elders called Koniaros." -Supplier's notes