Guerrieri-Rizzardi Amarone della Valpolicella 3 Cru 2017

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"Guerrieri Rizzardi, the historic wine-growing estate in the Veneto region, was established with the union of two ancient Veronese wine making families of substance: the Counts Guerrieri, owners of a centuries-old estate with vineyards and cellars in Bardolino, and the Counts Rizzardi, who acquired their vineyards in Negrar back in 1678, building the historic cellar of Pojega shortly thereafter.  The small estate of Dolcè in Valdadige has always belonged to the Guerrieri estate of Bardolino.  The Soave estate, with its vineyards and cellar in Costeggiola, at the center of the Classico area, was purchased in 1970.

Today, the estate is under the ownership of the Rizzardi family.  It remains a family business with vineyards in the four Classico areas with a thriving production of Bardolino, Valpolicella, Soave, and Valdadige.  Guerrieri Rizzardi is based in Bardolino, housed in the ancient building belonging to the Guerrieri family and its ancestors since 1450.  All the grapes come from estate vineyards and the wines are vinified and bottled in the cellars situated in each appellation.

At Guerrieri Rizzardi, the relationship between the land, heritage, and tradition has, for many years, molded their philosophy, yet they have never lost sight of innovation in their quest to produce a better bottle of wine." -Supplier notes

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