Industry City Vodka

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"Deriving its name from the manufacturing industry in Brooklyn where it has been based since its launch, the Industry City Distillery has crafted an unprecedented distillation technique and a delightful smooth vodka that is best taken straight. The Technical Reserve has established a reputation as the most preferred ingredients in New York for crafting cocktails across the upscale establishments in the area. What makes the Technical Reserve so good is that you can put a delightful flavored smoked salt in the drink, shake and strain it for a moment to create one of the most unique flavors in your spirit.

What distinguishes Industry City Distillery from its competitors is that rather than rely on a third party, the establishment is hands-on with distilling their vodka. Many of the distillers you are familiar with only purchase industrial spirits, mix it with some water, and pack it in eye catching bottles. Not only does Industry City Distillery make its stills–making it the leading distillery in New York to attempt such a feat since the prohibition–the company undertakes every single step of the process with machines and methods created solely by them. This is quite helpful in terms of control since the company is able to decide on what goes into their drink and how the drink is produced." -Distillery notes