Justin Dutraive Fleurie La Madone  2019

Justin Dutraive Fleurie La Madone 2019

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"At harvest, grapes are picked into small bins and refrigerated before going into the vat for semi-carbonic maceration. Justin vinifies his wines in a sphere-shaped fiberglass tank that you turn on its axis as opposed to using a pump-over method. This is done most frequently in the final days of maceration, encouraging textural richness in the wine. From Les Bulands, Justin produces a powerful, cherried and snappy Beaujolais that surpasses the appellation's reputation of occasionally lean wines. 

While Justin's low-key, chill demeanor is a far cry from his father's ebullience, their shared traits of hard-work and humility provide an unshakable foundation. Justin has augmented his miniscule production with a Beaujolais Villages "Les Tours" from organically farmed hillside vines near the southern village of Saint-Etienne-de-la Varenne on the border of Brouilly, as well as Fleurie "Pied d'Aroux" from his mother's vines on the La Madone hillside. Both wines show great promise for Justin's future!" -Supplier notes