Leyendecker Zeltinger Himmelreich Auslese 1976

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"1976 in contrast to the pinpoint balance of the 1971s, the best producers made wines of opulence and richness, if occasionally flamboyance, owing to the nearly tropical heat wave of late summer. 

A typical young Auslese, for example, will be pleasantly sweet and tart. It will dance playfully on the tongue with ripe orchard fruit, and perhaps a touch of saffron (if botrytis is involved).  It will be, in short, a delightful little wine. With the passage of time, the acid component takes on a mellow, burnished quality and sweetness a supporting role, giving the flavors dimension.  Old Rieslings are notorious for presenting us with aromas that we do not usually expect to find in wine, Brown butter, toasted fennel seed, cinnamon, and wintergreen are common notes at the Kabinett and Spatlese level.  Auslesen as well as BA and TBA often display coffee and caramel notes that should not be mistaken for premature oxidation.  “Petrol” is the common English descriptor for a range of aromas that fall in the “chemical” range of the aroma wheel, but the effect is much more subtle and pleasant than that descriptor would suggest.  Think of it as a kind of “seasoning” that enhances the general character of the wine through contrast." -Le Du's Staff