Manoir du Kinkiz Cornouaille Cider

Manoir du Kinkiz Cornouaille Cider

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"Sustainable. Cornouaille occupies the southern fork of Brittany’s peninsula. The name Cornouaille comes from the Celtic tribe, Cornovii, which translates to “the peninsula people”. Kinkiz’s AOP Cornouaille cider is produced in accordance with all of the rules that help to distinguish this great terroir. These rules include restrictions on the varieties of apples allowed to be used, and strict controls over the method of production. Cornouaille AOP cider has a deep golden color, and is very aromatic. It is rich, mildly bitter-sweet, and leaves the mouth pleasantly refreshed. This is a cider that is all about pleasure. While it is thirst quenching, it is a great accompaniment to a meal, and can be easily incorporated in creating inventive cocktails."

- Coeur Wine Co


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