Mary Taylor Anjou Rouge Pascal Biotteau 2019

Mary Taylor Anjou Rouge Pascal Biotteau 2019

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"Winemaking in this area of the Touraine stretches back to Gallo-Roman times and proliferated during the Christian era. After the turn of the first millennium and the Viking and Barbarian Invasions, Benedictine monks largely created and maintained vineyards and thus created vine culture in such areas we know well today: Vouvray, Bourgeuil, Sancerre and Anjou, the second major city along the Loire River after Nantes.

Cabernet Franc, otherwise known as 'Breton,' is dominant in the Touraine and for good reason. This unique combination of microclimate and tuffeau soil (chalk from the Paris basin), allows a Cab Franc that at its best smells of chalk, sandalwood, dried flowers, deep currant and licorice. This Anjou from the Biotteau Family captures precisely this magic.

The Chateau d'Avrille, where famille Bioteau make our Anjou Rouge, is technically in AOC Anjou-Villages Brissac which is also known as the Coteaux de l'Aubance, an AOP for sweet wine. Just on the fault line of where the Massif Armoricain (slate) soil meets the aforementioned tuffeau is where you have the Biotteau vineyards. This creates a pure mineral style of wine on one side and a lush rich style on the other. We vinify each parcel separately and make a blend each year that shows a balanced picture of the wines of the Anjou." -Winery notes

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