Roger Groult Calvados 18 Year

Roger Groult Calvados 18 Year

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The apples are pressed and the juice is made into a cider that reaches 6-7%, using only natural yeasts. It is aged for an entire year (most producers only age their cider for the required 6 weeks). The distillation is through traditional small copper pot stills warmed with wood fire using the same methods as previous generations to produce a calvados of unmatched flavor and complexity. The first heating of cider in the alembic produces the intermediary alcohol named “petite eau” (small liquor) of 30% vol. The second distillation is the “proper heating” (la bonne chauffe) and produces calvados of 70% vol. on average. For both distillations, the heads (the most volatile alcohols) and the tails (the heaviest ones) are cut and only the best part, the heart (le coeur de chauffe) is kept.An orangey copper color with intense reflections and spicy notes, this full bodied but subtle Calvados is the perfect balance between the freshness of the apple and the wood aging. 41% Alcohol.

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