Roger Groult Pays D'Auge Jurancon Cask Finish

Roger Groult Pays D'Auge Jurancon Cask Finish

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Jean-Roger Groult has experimented with cask finished Calvados for the past several years, using casks that previously held whisky, lambic beer, sherry, and more. This bottling, a PM Spirits Pick, aged for 9 years in a used Calvados barrel – the traditional aging method for the spirit – before being moved for 3.5 more years to a cask that previously held Jurançon from Domaine Cauhapé. Jurançon is a sweet wine made in southwest France, using late-harvested grapes which have been allowed to shrivel on the vine. The wine often has notes of flowers, stone fruit, and quince, which here complement the fruit and oak in the Calvados incredibly well

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