Sadie Family Pofadder Swartland 2020

Sadie Family Pofadder Swartland 2020

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"One of the most fascinating aspects of Cinsaut is the depth of texture and the load of tannin that this big berry grape holds, for as a norm one will expect this level of depth and texture and tannin on the smaller, berries varietals – but Cinsaut is a complete enigma in this regard.The wine may hold massive volumes of bright-red fruit and lifted aromatics; and upon smelling the wine the expectation is that it would be very soft on the pallet – but then firm tannins are met.

In 2020 we decided to reduce the percentage of whole cluster bunches in the fermentation to 50% on the Pofadder vineyard as well.As is the case with the Soldaat the massive pick- up of potassium and pH climb is just not in the interest of a distant future and tasting this 2020 Pofadder we firmly believe that it is easily one of the best we have ever bottled; and the overall equilibrium is just on another level altogether.The wine has immense purity of fruit and brightness but the layering of the tannins in the texture and the overall balance are in another class.This vineyard in 2020 is honestly in another dimension altogether." -Winemakers notes

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