Sclavos Robola Vino De Sasso 2019

Sclavos Robola Vino De Sasso 2019

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"Stony by name and stony by nature, Vino di Sasso (wine of the stone) comes from the limestone slopes of Mount Ainos – often spelt Enos, which is how it is pronounced – in the southern half of the the Greek Ionian island of Cephalonia (also spelt Kefalonia).

Mount Ainos is actually a range of mountains extending over 10 km (6 miles) across the island. Within the range, Mt Soros reaches 1,638 m (5,340 ft) and is the highest point on Cephalonia. The range gives its name, misleadingly, to the PGI that covers the entire island: Slopes of Enos. Misleading because although the mountains dominate the island, many vines are grown on the flat. The area delimited as the PDO Robola of Cephalonia, the source of the grapes for Sclavos, Vino di Sasso 2019, is in the centre of the island and on the mid slopes of the mountains up to 800 m. In the case of this wine, the vineyard really is on the slopes of the mountain, in Lacomatia at around 700 m (2,300 ft). You won't find Lacomatia on a map but the nearest village is Troianata, east of the capital Argostili." -JH, Jancis Robinson 10/2020

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