Simon Bize Savigny-Les-Beaune Shirokuro 2018

Simon Bize Savigny-Les-Beaune Shirokuro 2018

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Splits the difference between a really light Rose and tropical veering White Burgundy.  Strawberry and lavender meets apricot and the hint of pineapple.  Super tart green apple at the front but then a savory nuttiness as the wine matriculates.  Beautiful grape tannins.  Pair like a red wine, for sure, but sip like a white!  Don’t know I’ve ever had anything like this.”   

Chisa Bize was the wife of Patrick Bize who died very unexpectedly about 7 years ago.  Chisa was a Tokyo banker before falling in love with Patrick and switching her life around to become a grape farmer’s wife so when she was forced to take over the estate, it was from a very different perspective, the Shirokuro being a great example.  This is direct pressed Pinot Noir, so Pinot Noir made into a white wine!

JT Robertson, Le Du Wines