Thirsty Thursday: Chillable Reds Virtual Seminar

Thirsty Thursday: Chillable Reds Virtual Seminar

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This one hour virtual seminar will go over the grapes and production styles that make great red wines for drinking on the colder side. In this pack you have three wines, Gamay from Brouilly in Beaujolais, a Cannonau (Grenache) from Sardegna, and shockingly a Nero D'Avola from Australia of all places! Each of these showcase a unique flavor profile and texture, but all of them benefit from a chill.

Unico Zelo Nero D'Avola 2021

Pierre Cotton Brouilly 100% Cotton Bonnege 2020

Mora & Memo Cannonau Di Sardegna 2020

The seminar will run from 6:30PM to 7:30PM on Thursday June 30th so you can kick off the Holiday weekend right. There are only 12 discounted packs available and the last day to order will be Friday June 24th to guarantee delivery on time.

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