Clarisse de Suremain

Top-Line :

Round, emotional wines which fill the palate and pop with lively energy.


Clarisse de Suremain is not only new to the United States, she is new to releasing wine!  2020 is only her second vintage.  With a small parcel of inherited vines and a little bit of fruit bought from family friends, Clarisse makes less than 1000 cases a year.

JT’s Impressions:

I find Clarisse de Suremain’s wines deeply emotional.  There is an earnest joy at the center of her style.  These are engaging comfort wines.  They also speak to an immense talent.  It’s crazy how good these wines are only 2 vintages in.  I don’t see the benefit of ageing her wines as they seem, and seem made to be, absolutely delightful just as they are.

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