Elodie Roy

Elodie Roy

Top Line:

Focused yet visceral wines with density of fruit and seriousness of purpose

Background :

Now on her 4th vintage, Elodie Roy took over her father’s vines, which were previously sold to large negociants, primarily in Maranges and Santenay.  2021 is the first vintage, however, as she continued to sell half her fruit so she could afford to build a winery.

JT’s Impressions:

There is a sense of purpose to Elodie’s wines which I find extremely compelling.  These are precise wines with sleek edges and quiet intensity.  For me, Elodie is the prime example of an INSANELY talented winemaker who would be double or triple the price if the vineyard land available to her was in more famous environs.  This is serious juice any Burgundy lover should absolutely try. 

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