Odoardi 1480 L'Inizio 2015

Odoardi 1480 L'Inizio 2015

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Sometimes, the best things come from the most unlikely places. Odoardi Savuto is from Calabria. While Calabria was one of the first regions in Italy to put under vine by the Romans, today it is one of the poorest on the Italian peninsula. Fortunately, there are people like the Battista brothers to help shed some light.

Made from EXTREMELY local varietals (Gaglioppo, Greco Nero, Nerello Cappuccio, Magliocco Canino), Savuto is a pure slice of authentic Italian country wine. It’s also my fiancee’s favorite ? Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Our Anniversary. She only wants Savuto.

She likes dark fruit, which Savuto has aplenty, but she doesn’t like her wine too heavy, which Savuto is certainly not. Beneath the black cherry and coffee, there are notes of rosemary and thyme (what I call Garfunkel spices). The balance is impeccable. No heat. No tannic bite. Yet “smooth” seems like too simple a word. Harmony is closer to the point. Rustic Harmony.

Odoardi has received plenty of attention from the Italian wine press, and even the Wine Advocate called Savuto, “A steal for the money” but now it’s time for New York to know what my lady already does.
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