I feel like I say this every year, but Beaujolais continues to be an absolutely incredible value for great Burgundian wine, especially of those producers in the southern hamlet who ascribe to similar methods as their colleagues in the north. There is perhaps no greater master of this Burgundian style of Beaujolais than Daniel Bouland, creating wines that are rich and structured yet full of energy and exude endlessly enticing aroma. Are they Burgundy? No, they are darker fruited, a little brambler, with some notes of chocolate and licorice. But they have a Burgundian sensibility of elegance, balance, and transparency of terroir. These wines are the real deal and the fact that they are still so cheap is one of the true silver linings of our age. Some excerpts from recent press on Bouland:

"It's clear by now that Daniel Bouland is one of Beaujolais's major as well as most consistent talents." 
David Schildknecht, The Wine Advocate


"Daniel Bouland is one of the best winemakers in Morgon. Perhaps his profile is not as high as the likes of Lapierre or Foillard, but I think his wines are on the same quality level.” 

Neal Martin, The Wine Advocate 

I recently asked the importer when the 2019s would be arriving. He explained that they were delayed, but that he would be opening up the library of some recent back vintages that he would be making available. Meaning that we would be getting some Bouland with a touch of bottle age at pre-tariff pricing. A Christmas miracle! (it was around Christmas that I found this out…) I bought all I could of some of the top cuvees available, and now I get to present them to you! If you want to start to cellar great wine without taking out a second mortgage, or have a cellar of top Burgundy but need something to drink on a weeknight, these are truly outstanding wines to fit the bill. I hope you had a wonderful new year and let me know if you are interested. These wines are in the store and ready to ship immediately. 

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