Casal Do Ramilo Colares Tinto 2019

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"Like the vast majority of producers of farms in Portugal, Nuno Ramilo and his two farms represent another history of legacies of generations that each with its style, contributed to another stunning landscape of vineyards by hills and valleys of Portugal. Nuno Ramilo, have his new vineyards in Colares, with Ramisco and Malvasia in Quinta do Cameijo, and older vineyards in Log in
on one side and the other, time seems to have stopped and refers us to being between tradition and modernity, in a project delivered to the brothers Pedro and Nuno Ramilo, and the latter, a Civil Engineer by profession, received us during our trip last year in search of new treasures and showed us everything that involves the production of his wonderful wines. There were ancient vineyards, very old and often prephyloxane, without graft, which represents an exceptional heritage for any wine amateur. Of course there are also new plantations, such as the one located in São João das Lampas at Quinta do Cameijo; what a jewel to see new feet of Ramisco and Malvasia, almost disappeared grape varieties, to continue the history of the family and its fantastic wines." -Supplier notes
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