Coto de Gomariz La Flor y La Abeja 2022

Coto de Gomariz La Flor y La Abeja 2022

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"Coto de Gomariz is located in the DO of Ribeiro in the Avia River Valley in Galicia. In the late 1980s and 1990s the movement that changed the face of Ribeiro wines from rustic vino sold locally to wines of international acclaim was led by Viña Meín, whose production today enjoys a devoted following along with the cult wines of neighbor Emilio Rojo. The old-vine vineyards that Viña Meín rehabilitated were located in the town of Gomariz and San Clodio, both of which held some of the oldest vines and best terroirs of mostly granitic soils with some schist, sand and clay.

During this renaissance, Ricardo Carreiro, the owner of Coto de Gomariz and a stone’s throw from the Viña Meín vineyard, had already been making wine there for years. He continues today to be at the forefront of progressive viticulture and winemaking by farming biodynamically, using only native varieties and following a non-interventionist style of winemaking. The winery produces around 10,000 cases from nine wines with “The Flower and the Bee” making up the bulk of their production. They are unoaked, fermented naturally and bottled without filtration. We love them for their fresh, fruity and mineral profiles that don’t break the bank!" -Supplier notes

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