Domaine Les Monts Fournois Montagne Verzy Champagne Grand Cru 2013

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"Born in Champagne in a grower’s family, Juliette Alips rapidly found her passion. With the mentorship of her close cousins, Raphaël and Vincent Bérêche, she discovered and learned all the ins and outs of producing champagne, from farming, to vinification, tasting and blending. Now, with the help of her two cousins, she is starting this new adventure with Domaine Les Monts Fournois. Located in the north part of the Montagne de Reims, in the sub-area called La Grande Montagne, the Premier Cru Les Monts Fournois will be the focus of the domaine.

The fruit is omnipresent, with fine notes of wild strawberry and blackcurrant. The Pinots are fully mature, which is reflected in their incomparable richness of fruit. The 2013 print brings its autumnal universe with a hint of straw. The palate continues with notes of blood orange and even pepper, delivering the freshness that is the signature of the Verzy terroir in this 2013 vintage. The length on the palate confirms the exceptional terroir and vintage of this Verzy 2013. The balance is greedy and intense." - Supplier notes

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