Familia Rosa Santos Alentejo Implicit Red 2021

Familia Rosa Santos Alentejo Implicit Red 2021

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"Our historical relationship with wine production is closely linked to Quinta de Valverde, in Caldas da Rainha. Acquired by our grandfather Frederico Eduardo Rosa Santos from his mother-in-law (our great-grandmother Rosinda Mayer Caldas Botelho Moniz), she has remained in the family for more than 400 years.

Around the year 1620, Cristóvão Botelho Sequeira, a native of Seixal, settles in Óbidos as Monteiro-Mor of the same village and receives land for loans to the Kingdom. His son, Belchior Botelho Sequeira, inherits his father's properties and, by Royal Alvará, is named 1º Morgado de Valverde. With it, the agricultural activities of the farm, namely wine production, have been developed and consolidated.

The Morgadio, transmitted from generation to generation, through the firstborn male, knows its peak of seven generations. In the 2ª half of the century. XIX, under the management of Gertrudes Magna Romeyro da Fonseca Botelho and his son Francisco Botelho Moniz de Sequeira, reaches a production of about 1,000,000 liters of wine, essentially for export. Some specimens of this time remain at rest in the farmyard of the farm.

Moved in regional terms to the Alentejo, but chermed by a wine tradition that celebrates 4 centuries old, this generation, constituted by Jorge Botelho Rosa Santos, Maria da Luz Granate Rosa Santos and her children Frederico, Ricardo, Jorge and Vasco, intends to honor the memory of their patriarchs with a wine that receives as its name, the surname of its own family." -Winery notes

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