Kosta Browne Beaune 1er Cru 2020

Kosta Browne Beaune 1er Cru 2020

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"The earliest recorded history of a grape called ‘Pinot’ dates back to a journal entry from the year 1375. Although accounts vary in terms of its origins, the grape found its spiritual home amidst ninety-three miles of sprawling vineyards in Burgundy, France. Rooted in unique and ancient Jurassic limestones soils, Pinot Noir has thrived there since the Middle Ages.

At the center of the Cote d’Or in Burgundy lies the walled-in town of Beaune, which is home to the famous Hospices de Beaune wine auction and has served as the center of the region’s wine community. The history, the soils, and ancient vines are known to produce some of the most expressive and aromatic Pinot Noirs in the world. When it comes to Pinot Noir, all roads lead to Burgundy." -Winery notes

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