Susana Esteban Procura Na Anfora 2022

Susana Esteban Procura Na Anfora 2022

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92+ points  -The Wine Advocate

"The white Procura na Ânfora was first produced in 2017 in amphorae after Susanna's experience with Filipa Pato (the 2015 Sidecar). These containers polish the wines, and the result is quite round. The 2022 Procura na Ânfora comes from an old vineyard of undetermined age (the cadaster started late, in the 1950s or so) and is perhaps around 85 years old. The high-altitude vineyard is dry farmed, head pruned and planted with a mix of varieties. The must fermented, without skins, in amphorae, where it matured for eight months. It has a somewhat toasty/smoky personality despite not having any wood. Susana Esteban told me the wines from these ânfora are always like this. It has moderate ripeness, 12.5% alcohol and high-ish acidity that is not noticeable, as the container seems to have polished it. It's a wine that develops a faint note of honey with time in the glass. This wine is a lot of work for Susanna and is produced in small quantities. 2,660 bottles were filled in June 2023." -LG 04/2024

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