Le Dû's Grand Crew April '19: "The Range in Spain"

Posted by Connor Smith on

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"Spanish wine" often means a very specific thing to the average wine drinker: cheap, fruity, ripe reds meant to be drunk young. But truly the range of Spanish wine rivals even that of France and Italy - from the jaunty Txakoli of the Basque country to the dignified claretes of Priorat, the Spaniards have truly reclaimed their rightful place as both inheritors of the copious world of wine left behind in the post-Roman world, and as creative self-starters with a bevy of proud and fun-loving wine traditions seen nowhere else in the world.

We are happy to provide three excellent bottles that prove that at least when it comes to wine, the range in Spain cannot be said to mainly fall anywhere.

Click below to watch the videos associated with each of this month's wines!


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