Le Dû's Grand Crew '20 "Terroir driven Jura"

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The Jura's wines are by many seen as a bit of an anachronism. The region first came back onto the world's wine drinking radar thanks to their excellent, but conventionally challenging, oxidative white wines. The most extreme of these, the Vin Jaun, is aged like sherry for at least 6 years before release. While these wines are amazingly complex and thought provoking, it can be hard to find a place for them among modern cuisine and for modern palates.
In the past few decades, however, the Jura seen a surge in producers looking to shrug off the weight of history and forge a new path towards a style defined by a more Burgundian flair, maintaining the subtleties of fruit and soil while still retaining their unique grape varieties such as Savagnin and Trousseau. The result are incredible wines of outstanding value, familiar in style to those who love Burgundy, but also unique in the details of flavor. Enjoy! 


Joseph Dorbon Trousseau VV 2016


Domaine de la renardiere Arbois Pupillin Savagnin Les Terrasses


Tissot Chardonnay Massale Rose

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