Le Dû's Grand Crew '19 "Traveling up the Italian Alps"

Posted by Callum Jeffery on

There is perhaps no greater diversity of great wine in such a small geographic space as the Eastern Italian Alps. You can start in Valpolicella on the coast of Lake Garda, home to some of Italy’s richest and most concentrated wines, and be in Valtellina, home to some of the most ethereal wines in Europe, in just a few hours of windy mountain driving. Oh, and on the way you pass through one of the world’s greatest sparkling wine regions, Franciacorta. This is a study in the dramatic effect that elevation can have on the possibilities of winemaking even over otherwise short distances. It also, however, a study in pure pleasure, as it just so happens that each of these styles has a perfect home in the holiday season. We couldn’t think of a better time to show off some of our favorite artisan producers from the region than during the month of December. Cheers!  


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