Le Dû's Grand Crew '19: "Rediscovering Saint Joseph"

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Saint Joseph contains some of the Northern Rhone’s most exciting terroirs. The trouble is that nothing about the label can really tell you if the wine your buying will be an outstanding value or disappointing plonk. This is because what was once quite a small appellation of about 100 hectares just across the river from the hill of Hermitage has long since been expanded to include almost 1000 hectares of largely unremarkable acerage. The vineyards, much like those in Hermitage, Cote Rotie, and Cornas, were once almost exclusively planted on steeply sloped granite hills, producing beautiful wines with unmatched precision and delicacy due to their east facing position. Those vineyards are slowly coming back into prominence, and a long forgotten expression of Northern Rhone wines is being rediscovered!    


Yves Cuilleron Saint Joseph Cavanos VV 2016



Herve Souhaut Souteronne 2018



Jean Claude Marsanne ardeche Viognier 2016


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