Le Dû's Grand Crew October '19: "Oregon"

Posted by Connor Smith on

Though once believed to be too cold for vines, Oregon has become a Garden of Eden for winemakers from around the world making a multitude of styles. It all began in the mid-60s when pioneers David Lett and Charles Coury struck out to the north, defying the accepted wisdom of their UC Davis professors. The Pinot Noirs produced over the next two decades in the lush Willamette Valley progressively caught more and more eyes - and palates. In the late 80s, the Burgundy negociant Maison Drouhin was so convinced of Oregon's potential that they began buying up land up and down the valley, and are today the largest holder of vineyard land in the Willamette. Other Burgundians followed, and today there is no greater confluence of old and new world styles on Earth like Oregon. But this month, we focus on the domestic talent driving the quality of Oregon wine ever higher, from the classic Eyrie Pinot (now made by David Lett's son, Jason) to the radical new-wave stylings of Brianne Day and Nate Ready.


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